Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

John 11:25 - 26


The Resurrected Life

How beautiful - 

the offer
to a kind of life 

that never ends. 


An offer that,
though the
earth-bound body withers, 

brings an exchange
for an eternal
kind of life. 


What hope-
to know that our
most pain filled moments, 

even the moments that 

usher us towards 

ash itself,
prompt us 

closer to a forever home 

with the

One, true Resurrector.


That we, through death, 

are brought closer
to that God- person 

who conquered 

and rose
into a new kind 

of living. 


Closer to the One who, 

through our simple belief, 

changes the future
of our very souls. 


Closer to the
Holy Son
who saw this earth
as the blip it is-
a small thread
in a vast, cosmic tapestry. 


Every breath
bringing us closer 

resurrection for reunion 

with our Jesus- 


Oh, how beautiful. 


Rachel Hall