The great news is That thanks to our partnership with the Bible Society we are able to give this EDITION of the Presence book away for the cost of POSTAGE AND A TOKEN OF YOUR LOVE.

limited numbers available - ONE COPY PER ORDER

There is an option to donate an amount of your choice which will enable us to fund volume 2

Presence. Print Volume One: Shapes is an exploration of divine ideas for the eyes, mind, and soul. It contains five short chapters, centred in dialogue, around five biblical verses. They are accompanied by five chapter specific, electronic, ambient music tracks, which can be found online to aid the reading experience.

The book is designed to draw the reader in for an absorbing reading experience. As such, the under laying design theme Micah drew out became about discovery, dialogue and mystery. Therefore, hidden elements, translucent fades and almost stream-of-consciousness lyrics are used to entice you and bring you back for more. Page furniture such as index numbers and contents pages shift, varying paper types, folds and print technique add texture while bewildering typographic and photographic elements mesmerise, all offering a nod to a complex and paradoxical view of life, one that acknowledges mystery, beauty and a glorious other.