moving on


Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God.

1 Peter 1:18 (the message)



My faith feels so fragile

A couple of hits and I'm broken

Held together with what seems like shreds of chords I thought were strong

Only threads it appears.

Where is my victory cry

When I just want to cry

Where is my go get em

When I want to give in

And I want to be strong

I want to stand the tests and trials 

Pass with flying colours

But this grey is grounding me

When the rubber hits the road

Left wanting with what faith I see or don't see

I hoped for unmoveable unshakable reactions

With overcoming intentions 

Victory till the death

Head on till the battles won

But I would run

In the opposite direction

To places of comfort that I had once lived in 

now abandoned

And now No longer a place I wanted to be in.

So where am I now

In the landscape of battle 

When I can't go back and moving forward a struggle 

not the glorious charge I thought I would have

But a painfully slow progression 

Every step Reminding of injury, pain I feel

My inability to move freely, gallantly 

my victory looking more like a baby step

Rather than a giant leap of faith 

But to stop moving would be death to me

And I'd rather live taking ground little by little 

Rather than end up being buried in the ground.

So my faith appears different to what I thought

I would see.

It looks more like tears

And my charge more like a shuffle

But you said faith as small as a mustard seed

could move trees into the seas

 impossibilities becoming possible

My fragile faith more powerful than I know

Enough to make it through the struggle

Endurance a chance to grow

So come on my soul

You can't stay here move through 

Move on

Know that every step is a weapon

Every get up is a victory cry

Progress is the journey so we can move from

here through whatever comes our way.

Just Keep moving

Kristina Mann