Jesus Made fully Human. 

Hebrews 2:5            

Jesus Wept     

John 11:35 



He stands with me

together in our father’s workshop

catches my eye

his own eyes bright with amusement

words unspoken

just an explosion of laugher

sharing life.

Here, united in our labours

his carpenter’s hands mould the wood

artfully crafting

skills honed by repeated attempts

and failures

not unfamiliar with frustration

and disappointments.

Friendships forged

bonded like family in understanding

sweet outpouring

of love now unafraid to seek assistance

trusting still

as painful tears fall unrestrained

‘til hope is resurrected.


We walk together

he laughs and works and weeps

travelling light

mindful of greater needs to be met

upturning tables

outbursts of anger misunderstood

wholly holy.

Dawn turns to dusk

I see him strain with unceasing effort

wrestling temptation

suggestions of an easier option

a way out

exhausted but not overcome

he chooses goodness.

He stands alone

surrounded by the crowds

catches my eye

his own eyes filled with understanding

heart breaking

he calls out my name

he calls me brother.

Tracy Ingham