About us


Presence, the award winning project, was created by DJ and composer, Andy Hunter°. Born out of a desire to draw closer to the source of his inspiration and creativity. Andy wanted to find a way to ‘be’ in God’s presence, to reflect, meditate & pray. Presence Project weaves together music, film, poetry and photography to deepen people’s connection to God.

As the project has grown many more creatives have joined with Andy to create ongoing content to inspire the community of users in their reflections & prayers. The list of creatives is forever growing with contributors from around the world


Want to get Involved?


As our global community grows we want our chapters to reflect the talents and inspirations from people of our community.


So, if you are a composer, poet, photographer, film-maker, artist, creative writer (or have any other creative skill you feel could add to the content of Presence Project) we would love you to join our ‘Presence Creatives’. Email andy@presenceproject.com for more information.